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The synthetrick platform

The synthetrick platform is the distributed system that allows the deployment of interactive synthetic video channels. It moves the complexity of applications to the server side, keeping the client as light and simple as possible. Terminal devices that consume syntheractive services only need a standard video decoder and the client application that sends commands back to the server.

The synthetrick platform is highly optimized to enable massive generation of synthetic video streams with an affordable cost (see the section about scalability).

The syntheractive cycle

Why syntheractive?

There are many reasons that make the synthetrick platform interesting for you, whether you are a TV operator, a content creator or a final user.

Benefits for the operator

Benefits for the content creator

Benefits for the final user


synthetrick is highly optimized to generate a massive amount of concurrent interactive sessions at an affordable cost. The key concepts in its architecture are scalability and performance. It has a highly optimized real-time rendering and encoding engine, taking advantage of the huge computer power of modern GPUs.

syntheractive services are designed to exploit this architecture, sharing resources among sessions and optimizing the operations to amortize them for the sessions in each node.

A distributed control system optimizes resource management in a cluster of video generation nodes. We can generate hundreds of concurrent sessions per node for a typical syntheractive service.

For all these reasons, synthetrick offers a very competitive cost per session or interactive stream, in terms of hardware infrastructure, power consumption, physical space and maintenance needs.