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syntheractive services are meant to be consumed mostly on TV, in a lean-back interactive experience. This target is present from the inception of the idea and especially in the design of the user interface and visual layout.

The creation of syntheractive TV services is open to third party developers. We offer a software development kit and support and certification services for companies or professional developers. For more information, check our Developer Program or contact


Megazapper   Megazapper

One of the most annoying issues with digital TV is the slow channel surfing speed. The Megazapper service is the solution to this problem. Browse the live TV channels in a new way. With Megazapper, you can simultaneously watch dozens of channels and surf through them at lightning speed in a visually appealing 3D spherical layout. The sphere can also contain links to other applications, serving as a portal to the operator's channels offer and syntheractive services catalog.

A lot of different layouts can be chosen to show TV channels to final users. They can be categorized to allow a much easier browsing and selection, with a hierarchical structure and live previews of the contents in the channels composing each category.


GeoNews   GeoNews

Read the news in real-time from your TV set. Filter by categories and geolocate them with our Earth module. News can be browsed as headlines or read full screen with attached images, videos and audio files.

Magazine rack

Magazines   Magazine browsing

Bring a selection of magazines to the users directly on TV, with a clean, fast and easy to use interface. A collection of magazines can be managed on the rack. Magazine browsing, page browsing, full screen view and zooming through the remote controller. Magazines can also be enhanced with video and audio clips.

Quick and easy content publication from PDF files, without additional processing.

Minigames pack

Games   Games

A fancy pack of entertainment applications, including puzzles, memory games, and other classics. An added value to your TV pack.


Camera rings   Camera rings

This service is a server-side telepresence system that allows real-time camera broadcasting in several ways. All the logic is in the network, so terminal installations are just a video camera, a syntheractive client or a combination of both.

Camera streams are bound in groups called 'rings'. These rings allow you to get connected with your family and friends, watch real-time video information about weather or traffic in remote places, watch real-time streams from events or shows and much more.

Broadcast yourself in real-time directly from your TV to make virtual meetings with your friends or to virtually visit relatives. Offer to your customers live video streams of shows, events or just interesting public places.

Be there! Be social! Be live!



Twitter service can integrate real-time tweets overlaid on any TV channel. It supports different visual layouts and skins. It is open to your new designs. Show your timeline, a hashtag for a specific TV program, a specific search, a tweet list, or the selection you want.

This is not only a syntheractive service, but a reusable module, easy to integrate in any other service.

New services

We are constantly improving our syntheractive service catalog. Bookmark this page or follow us on twitter to know about the release of new services. If you are interested in a specific service not found on this page, contact us to know about our service roadmap or to propose new projects.