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Windows HOW-TO

Development environment

The synthetrick Windows SDK is available for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit. It has been tested with the following operating systems:

It is highly recommended (though not mandatory) to have a modern GPU and its driver correctly installed (check the hardware documentation). In case of problems with OpenGL, check with the latest driver before reporting them.

NOTE: If you have a Windows 64-bit installation, the 32-bit SDK should work OK as long as you generate 32-bit Visual Studio projects.

Development tools

For the development of syntheractive services with the SDK you need any edition of Visual Studio 2010 installed in your system. The SDK is tested with Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition, freely available to download from the Microsoft web site. However, it will work perfectly with other Visual C++ 2010 editions.

NOTE: Versions prior to 2010 are not supported, as binaries are not compatible.

Required software:


The synthetrick SDK may depend on some external libraries. Current releases have all needed libraries included in the SDK package. If you find in your system any inconsistency, incompatibility or missing dependency, please contact us to report the issue.

SDK installation

The SDK package will be installed in a destination directory, which should be stored in the environment variable SYNTHETRICK_DIR. The default value for this base synthetrick directory is C:\synthetrick, but it can be installed anywhere in your system. You don't need administrator privileges to install and use the synthetrick SDK.

synthetrick SDK releases can have an autoinstallation script. If you have not the autoinstaller script, just unzip the SDK package in the directory you want to install it.

Environment configuration

The SDK distribution includes a configuration script called config.bat. It is meant to be executed to automatically define the environment variables needed for the development of syntheractive services. Alternatively, you can permanently define the environment variables in your system (see the script contents to know what are the environment variables to define).

SDK contents

The SDK is structured in the following directories and files:

Known issues

Current synthetrick SDK for Windows has the following limitations: